Rossiter Stretch Therapy
One of the most powerful stretching techniques available. 
The Rossiter Workout increases flexibility, mobility and can dramatically reduce or eliminate pain in the very first session.  A Rossiter Workout is the “Ultimate Deep Tissue Bodywork” that provides pain relief that’s fast, safe and effective. Rossiter is used by active people of all ages for not only immediate and long-term relief of soft tissue injuries and chronic structural pain but also serves as a great way to keep your body flexible after routine workouts! 

What is Structural Pain? 
Structural Pain is the body’s way of communicating to you that it has been Overworked, Stressed, Strained, Weakened, or is out of Alignment and Balance. The result is you feel pain with or without moving the affected area. Untreated this pain can and does spread to other areas as the body tries to compensate.

What causes Structural Pain? 
Structural Pain is caused when the connective tissue that connects bones and joints that gives the body shape and form, shrinks and tightens where the body can no longer move freely without the space it needs.

What is the fix? 
The body’s connective tissue is meant to be loose and flexible. With Rossiter’s dynamic multi-dimensional assisted stretches the connective tissue can return to normal. This process removes the cause of pain, increases flexibility; increases blood circulation while removing toxins. In most cases, Rossiter helps to return full range of motion without the pain. 

Most people have never seen these techniques before but they are the most effective way to prevent and relieve stiffness, tightness, limited mobility and pain from head to toe. Everything from Knee pain. Low back pain and Sciatica. Stiff necks. Sore shoulders. Achy feet and stiff knees. Hip pain. Arm, wrist and elbow pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Elbow tendonitis and more. They ALL respond to The Rossiter System's stretching techniques, especially if your body hasn't yet been subjected to surgery or injections (and even if it has, these stretches can bring back some of what you've lost). 

If you're looking for an alternative, natural and effective way of keeping your body flexible or getting your body out of pain, give Rossiter a try!

30 minutes -- $35

60 minutes -- $65

90 minutes -- $95

Rossiter Stretch Therapy Prices
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I discovered Rossiter when I had injured my back and could barely walk.  After one session I was 85% better and had much less pain.  After my third session, I was 100%!  I was so impressed with the work I decided to become a Coach. 
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